Stephen Rimmer



“Our approach remains to produce exceptional risk-adjusted returns to our investors by focusing on the needs of our airline customers and providing them a superior service which is delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner.”

Mr. Rimmer has been involved in the commercial aviation industry including worldwide aircraft and engine trading activities for over 40 years. He co-founded Altavair in 2003 and is responsible for its overall strategy and management. Prior to Altavair, Mr. Rimmer founded XS Aviation Ltd., a commercial aircraft investment management and advisory company in 2000. Before XS, he co-founded Curtis & Company, a boutique aviation lease and finance arranging company, where he remained a principal in charge of its London office from 1991 through 1999. During this same time, Mr. Rimmer founded Curtis Power Company, an early commercial engine leasing company, which he later sold to General Electric in 2001. At its height, Curtis Power Company managed and leased over 90 engines to airlines around the globe. Mr. Rimmer has held senior management positions with several prominent firms in the commercial aviation industry, including Security Pacific.

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