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To be truly innovative when facing the many challenges presented in the commercial leasing and finance industry, a lessor must coordinate with a broad range of parties in addition to the airlines and financiers. Since its inception, Altavair has developed strong relationships with industry partners in three critical areas which allows Altavair to offer our customers tailored solutions to address their needs.

By closely working with manufacturers, conversion providers and maintenance facilities, we offer our customers a broader and better range of options.


By working with and understanding the needs of the airframe and engine manufactures, Altavair is able to develop creative solutions that address both the requirements of the manufacturers and the airlines in order to place aircraft. Whether it be tri party agreements, coordinating the return or placement of used aircraft, providing short term debt funding to facilitate deliveries or modifying delivery schedules for new aircraft, our track record of working with the manufacturers and exploring such options when other lessors are either unwilling or unable, evidences the difference we can make for our airline customers.


While many leasing companies are limited to re-leasing or sales at lease expiry, Altavair has another option available to it. Since 2003, we have teamed with 5 different freight conversion providers to convert 33 aircraft from passenger to freighter including one combi and in each case extending the life of these aircraft and providing additional leasing and sale opportunities. In 2 instances, we were the launch customer for the conversion program. The experience of our team along with strong relationships with the major conversion providers allows us to greatly reduce the cost and scheduling risks inherent with any conversion process. In doing so, we can more effectively market and place the converted aircraft thereby producing better results for our investors and cargo operators.


To effectively manage the residual risk associated with leased aircraft, a lessor must be able to translate the condition of an aircraft at lease expiry into financial terms. When the intent is to lease an aircraft to a new operator, a lessor must also contemplate reconfiguration, maintenance plan transitions and local certification and registry issues, each of which carry significant potential for cost overruns and schedule delays. To manage these risks and successfully place an aircraft with a follow on operator requires a level of technical expertise that many leasing companies simply do not possess. Altavair maintains both an experienced internal technical team and relationships with the top maintenance facilities around the world to ensure that we can work together to effect the necessary maintenance and reconfiguration work to ensure that each aircraft is delivered to the next lessee on time and within budget.
We are a worldwide leader in aviation finance, helping companies make amazing things happen by connecting the world.
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